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    • This is a system for running a small and medium sized company.
    • Three key terms to BOOM are: transparency, simplicity, speed.


More than 15 years of insightful interaction with hundreds of managers blended with decades of personal entrepreneurial experience created BOOM – the organisation way of life.

Regardless of the company’s development stage, BOOM methodology enables it to reach the next step while significantly improving satisfaction and motivation level of all involved.

The basic belief of BOOM way of life is that people are responsible, creative, want to be involved in company’s development and need feedback. Transparency and knowledge combined with clear strategy and regular measurement stimulate every person’s natural instinct to win.

BOOM enables monitoring of daily business. It provides operational and organisational framework to follow the direction that everyone understands and feel accountable for.

Companies that implemented BOOM have reached record results in a year after implementation; in average, they achieved Sales growth 30% combined with EBITDA growth 56%*. More importantly, BOOM became their way of life. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

*comparison of the results before BOOM implementation and the latest available results based on the sample of 12 companies that implemented BOOM

As a Middle sized company, by implementation of
BOOM model you will get:

  • More productivity and speed
  • Clear strategic direction
  • Modern HR practices
  • Agile best practices applicable to your industry
  • System that will support further growth of company

As a Small company,
by implementation of BOOM model you will get:

  • Structure and organization
  • Job roles and responsibilities
  • Focus and discipline
  • System how to track tasks and results
  • System that will support further growth of company

BOOM system includes:



  • Defining long-term purpose and vision
  • Product and service development strategy
  • Selection of sales channels and profiles of ideal customer
  • Defining key competencies
  • Selection of key systems and success measures
  • Selection of key strategic projects


  • Redefining organizational structure
  • Implementing of team self-evaluation system
  • Implementation of strategic projects tracking system
  • Implementation of people development system
  • Broken windows theory


  • Performance conversations setup
  • Implementation of meetings structure
  • Organizational values and rules definition


  • Defining the bonus plan
  • Implementation of mini-game system
  • Choosing how to track financial results

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Results that your company will


  • Increased people satisfaction and motivation​
  • Drastically improved engagement of the people​
  • Focus on important processes and projects​
  • Clear direction for the future​
  • Faster decision making process​
  • Clear responsibilities and authorities
  • Better financial and operational results​
  • Clear direction for managers regarding meeting structure, feedback system, goal settings and strategy implementation
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