BOOM Implementation.

Implementing BOOM business model means four key elements.

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Four key elements in implementing BOOM.

  • 01.


    Implementation is a group process where group consists 6 – 16 people on workshops. If it is small company, all employees will attend. If it is middle sized or big company, it will be diverged group consists of management team and people from different levels/parts of the company.

  • 02.

    Employees involvement.

    During the process, all employees from company will be involved, so everyone will have direct connection to your new business operating model​.

  • 03.

    Easy application.

    Everything that you have to do, you do on a workshop. No homework’s, no beaurocracy. You can focus on your daily operations and model that you co-created on a workshop will shape not what you do, but how you are doing it.​

  • 04.

    Discipline & Transparency.

    This process demands from all people including top management to be disciplined and transparent. Without this two aspects you will fail in implementation and fail to go from good to great company.

BOOM Steps.

Easy as one, two, three.

  • 01.


    • Interviews with key people
    • Clarifying exact needs
    • Goals setting
  • 02.


    • Usually 5 workshops with 6 – 16 people
    • Systems and tools implementation
    • Role out to the whole company
  • 03.


    • One year support in implementation for all workshop participants
    • One year coaching and mentoring for CEO
    • Results analysis