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Find useful tips to help you improve your business. In our reviews, discover the bestsellers that have changed the way business is run and brought new ideas to people management.

  • Playing to win

    Author Roger Martin
    Review Alan Žepec

    I read a lot of books on the theme of strategy and the problem with all of those was they had good theory, but no basis for practical application. Another problem with those books was the unclear possibility of lowering cascading strategies to lower levels in the organization. Roger Martin had implemented hundreds of strategies in large and small organizations for years before he wrote this book. So this really is a great and applicable book.

  • Managing, Performing, Living

    Author Fredmund Malik
    Review Alan Žepec

    For me this is the basic guide for anyone who wants to be a manager. The author shows a list of skills that every manager should have and develop in a practical and concrete manner. Additionally, if you are a manager, you can read here what you've been doing right all along and what you might have missed doing. If you are the owner of the company, let your managers read this book and tell you what they will change after reading the books in their everyday work.

  • The Age of Agile

    Author Stephen Denning
    Review Alan Žepec

    This book received the "Financial Times" award as Best Business Book of the Year in 2017. The Age of Agile is not a book of steps on how to implement agile business, it will explain to you easily what the basic goals of the organization are. At the end of the book, you will have a big picture of what agility is, as well as its benefits to organizations and society as a whole.

  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

    The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

    Author Patrick Lencioni
    Review Alan Žepec

    This book is a classic, a bestseller in management. It is an exciting story about a woman who took over the CEO position in an IT company and got a dysfunctional board of management to govern. Written in form of a novel, it describes perfectly what it takes for a team to be successful.

  • Reinventing organizations

    Author Frederic Laloux
    Review Alan Žepec

    Reading this book, you can forget the majority of what you ever knew about organizations and organizational development. It gives an insight into how future organizations will look like. Simple language, lots of examples and fresh new ideas regarding the future of organizations.

  • Born to Run

    Author Christopher McDougall
    Review Alan Žepec

    This is a book about persistence, courage and craziness. It is also fun, inspirational and will make you run. Dedicated to entrepreneurs who do not sprint with their companies but run a marathon (or ultramarathon). It is hard to be an entrepreneur and there is a lot of suffering and sweat, sometimes you want to quit, but in the same time it is also an unbelievable pleasure, excitement and satisfaction to create and be win. :-)


    Author Alan Žepec
    Release Soon

    This book will tell you how to implement BOOM in small and medium sized organization. If you are a business owner or business consultant this book will be your guide in implementing a company’s strategy, organization, communication and execution.

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